Project Selection Process
Phase and Description
End of Project proposal process
No new proposals will be considered. All "approved" projects will be public on the Project Database by this time. Organizations with proposed projects that were not approved will be contacted and encouraged to apply again next year.
November 22nd
Chapters interview partners
Chapters will begin contact with organizations that they are considering partnering with in order to decide whether  or not to invest in their proposed projects. The National Office will help coordinate this effort and work with organizations and chapters to ensure effective communication.
December through January
Community Partners chosen
Chapters' selection of Community Partners will be finalized. Chapters will begin to communicate directly with Community Partners and establish expected outcomes for the Project.
February 28th
Memorandum of Agreement drafted
Chapters will have chosen student Project Leaders that will negotiate and finalize the Memorandum of Agreement, defining the working relationship between Chapter and Community Partner, establishing expected outcomes both have for the Project.
March through April
Project implementation
Students will travel to countries and work with Community Partner according to the relationship established in the Memorandum of Agreement. At this time, 100% of the requested investment will be available to Community Partners.
May through August


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