Community Partners

Our community partners are the grassroots agencies and people we work with on sustainable development projects. Typically these are the ones who submit the project ideas. These ideas are then reviewed by the national office and if accepted, made available to our network of many university chapters. Each chapter has the capability to form a partnership with your organization.  In other words, there are multiple sub-groups of Nourish that you can partner with.

We see our partnerships as mutually beneficial relationships.  Our goal is to see all of our partner development agencies succeed, and in return, we expect our students to get a valuable experience through working together.  For examples of projects that we have funded, please visit our Project Archives.

Community partners:

  • Are existing leaders in their community
  • Demonstrate that they have identified and effective way of addressing poverty in their community
  • Represent the wants and needs of their entire community
  • Encourage the community to take ownership of the project rather than completing it for them
  • Are focused not just on giving charity, but providing training, education, and resources over time
  • Are efficient and productive with funds
  • Won’t become dependent on Nourish after the project concludes
  • Are willing to work with American college students as they come to assist with projects
  • Have strong ethical fiber and are committed to seeing their project all the way to completion
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